" Just a little bit more than crazy! "

A short story:

Bitten by a drawing bug, my superpowers began to develop. At first they appeared on the covers of my highschool

courses, filling the pages from top to bottom. This wasn’t really appreciated by the teachers, until, ... my adventure

in developing these powers continued in college, where I studied Animation. During this time I learned a lot on how

I could reach my full potential and that my path should continue in Graphic Design and Illustration.

This lead me to Syntra, where I studied Graphic Design. I graduated with highest honors and my final project was selected as the best one in the class. I learned, ... this is only the beginning...

As a Graphic Designer I can:

  • Make my own Illustrations
  • Adapt different styles
  • Make new content in it with ease
  • Use color correctly
  • Finding the right colors for different subjects
  • I can color my own drawings or others
  • Place text fast and correct in a good lay-out

As a Graphic Designer I'm unique in:

  • Making (my own) lay-outs
  • Having my own style
  • I put quality first
  • I can work fast without loss of quality
  • Customer service

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